I reside outside of San Diego county, am I still eligible to apply for the program?

The program is focused on students from San Diego county, but if you have summer housing accommodations, then we will accept your application.

I just found out about the application today (day before deadline), can I have more time to apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the deadline, so the date to turn in the application is final.

How will I know what my schedule will be?

You and your mentor will create your part-time schedule together.

Can I apply for 3 or more mentors? I have several projects I really like, and I can’t decide between them.

Please decide between 2 mentors.

If I applied to REHS, does this mean that I cannot apply to MAP?

The majority of MAP mentors begin their programs in the fall, after REHS ends. MAP is an academic year program while REHS is a summer program. You could conceivably do both. Take a look  at the mentoring opportunities and see what you think.


How long should the cover letter be and what should it include?

The cover letter should never be longer than a page. In it, you should highlight your skills without sounding like you are bragging. Read the mentor bio and research interests. Why would it be interesting to work with this mentor? Do you have skills or other skills the mentor is seeking.

Think of it as an introduction. You are trying to capture the mentor’s interest.

Please also Google this question as you will find helpful advice.

Since I have not worked before, for my resume do I just highlight my grades, sports and activities during each grade?

For your resume, it is recommended to use headers such as:

  • Relevant Coursework
  • Relevant Reading
  • Awards and Honors
  • Hobbies

Try not to list them for each grade, but more cumulative.
For example:
Honors and Awards

  • Smith Library Summer Reading Champ 2018
  • San Diego County Fair Robotics Competition, First Place 2017
  • Smithsonian Spelling Bee, 2nd Place 2015

Remember to have your dates listed in descending order with the most recent date on top.

Do you babysit or feed the neighbor’s pet while they are away?
Any small jobs should be added as it shows initiative. As you gain more experience, these types of things will drop off.

Don’t forget to use Google as a resource. It can definitely guide you with any resume
question that you might have.

Who should I address my cover letter to?

Please address your cover letter to your main mentor.

What do I do if my teachers gave me a hard copy of their recommendation letters instead of submitting them online?

Please submit these letters with your resume, and include an explanation of why they were not submitted correctly.

What GPA should I use in my application?

Please use your non-weighted GPA.

How long should the essay be? How does my teacher submit their recommendation letter?

We encourage you to read our information filled website and review the application prior to emailing us about your eligibility and application focused questions.